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NDT - Nokia Data Logger  v.1.0

Turn a cellphone into a data logger of LCD displays. This program allows using any nokia series60 phone, equipped with camera, as a data logger for LCD displays by mean of Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Forms Management Program  v.2.0.4371.35372

Forms Management Program allows you to get various source files for building a form administration for Windows-CLR. We offer our MDI-Projektworkspace for Visual C# developers for the further development of their own products. The workspace needs

Program Maker  v.2.9

This program allows you to create programs and games with minimal effort. Perfect for the novice user! Functions in the software creator are united in action, which helps complete the project.

Add Remove Program Cleaner  v.2.0

This program allows you to clean up the Add/Remove programs list in the control panel. It should only be used to remove entries that are broken and cannot be removed by running the uninstall

Diplom work about program animation  v.1.0

Diplom work about a program animation using ActionScript3

VoiceSearchBar  v.0.5

Toolbar for Internet Explorer browser. This program allows users to search the Web using a voice. Program will be installed as add-on for Internet Explorer. Users will be able to enter a search phrase using their voice.

Picture Timeclock  v.4.1.0

The program allows employees to clock in and out and optionally take and save their pictures that are taken during the clocking in and out procedure using a PC. Greet the employees with messages as they clock in and out. Automatic clock in and out

Boxee Remote  v.0.91

Boxee Remote 0.91 is released to provide users with a helpful and creative remote for Windows Mobile devices that allows you to operate basic program functions using a wireless connection (WiFi or cellular).Major Features: Navigation mode: up, down,

Raw Registry Editor  v.1.0

This program allows to edit Windows Registry hives without using the internal functions that come from

TSC Free Address Book  v.2.10.01

TSC Free Address Book 2.10.01 comes as a professional yet easy to use address book to manage your contacts, addresses and print letters, labels and lists. The program allows you to create an unlimited number of letters using the built-in letter

World Wind 3D Data Viewer  v.2.0.1

World Wind 3D Data Viewer is a program developed using NASA's World Wind Java Software Development Kit (SDK) that will enable you to view Australia's continental data sets. The viewer allows you to compare national data sets such as the

Outlook SendMail  v.

This simple e-mail utility program allows FileMaker Pro to send plain text or HTML formatted e-mails with multiple attachments through Microsoft Outlook while suppressing the Outlook security dialog. Using Outlook SendMail Plug-in you can pull

Export Query to Excel for SQL Server Professional  v.1.06.49

Connect Window is a handy application if you need to export the results from a database query. The program allows you to save them to an Excel file for later use. There are two methods to connect: with predefined data source or using direct

Click MusicalKEYS MINI  v.4.1

Click MusicalKEYS is an onscreen musical keyboard program to play piano music through the computer with 128 musical instruments. The program allows the user to play music using either the mouse or the keyboard and can save recorded tunes as MIDI

URI Crypter  v.3.1

This program allows you to substitute URI for symbol codes of ASCII table. It's very useful to prevent web pages scanning by the crawlers gathering e-mail addresses for broadcasting spam messages on next step. Using this software you protect your

Argh! interpreter in wxHaskell  v.0.8

An interpreter for the Argh! esoteric programming language in wxHaskell. The program allows one to load, edit, save, validate and run Argh! programs. It currently supports all commands except 'e' and 'E'. Documented using

CGH Construction Kit  v.1.0

This program allows you to create a transmission hologram using just a computer, a laser-printer, and an overhead transparency. This hologram will behave like one created using a laser and can be projected or viewed with a point

Gaming Dice  v.rc.0.1.7

This is a project to make a convenient, handy dice roller suitable for RPGs, targetted for MS Windows and KDE but easy enough to port. The program allows many styles of rolling by using a text command for more complicated

Hyperbolic 3d Models viewer  v.1.0

This program allows visulaization of Poincare, Klein and Gans model using projections of the Weierstrass model. Done in Java 3d with full navigation and animation

PhaseMachine  v.1.0

The phase machine program allows supervised classification of DNA sequence data from different populations using haplotype sequences generated by the PHASE

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